Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A fence for a tenant in need

  • Nicki - Resident in Haughton Green. Irwell Valley  Housing Tenant.

    I have asked for fencing since the day I signed my tenancy, December 2012. I have been informed that I am on the waiting list, but no date of when this will be started, or if IVHA will fence my back garden. Currently I feel It's unsafe I have no privacy, also it's unsightly. I plan to spend money on making it a beautiful environment for my children, and a sanctuary for me, but until fencing is completed I have no choice but to look out and feel depressed. I have a 3 year old with half a heart, that is due major surgery in the next couple of months, and would love it if he could play in our garden without the fear of him escaping, there are bramble bushes along the back and he easily escapes into my neighbours garden. I feel if my little boy has the freedom to play and explore it will help with his recovery, all he ever wants is to play out, but it's far to dangerous at present.

    Better Homes Better Gardens
    Please could you help this lady and her family with there situation, it would mean a great deal to her and will have a positive impact on her family health and well being, she has made great effort in trying to improve her home and garden as you will see from the photographs below.

    This resident does appear to have an active 3 year old with an health condition. On this instance could you give please some answers to when will she a receive a fence that will surround the property?

    Thank you.

  • This garden needs a fence IVHA please help this family


Monday, 17 February 2014

Join a tenants' and residents' group

Join a tenants' and residents' group

What is a tenants’ and residents’ group?

A tenants’ and residents’ group is a group of people living in the same area that get together to talk about issues that affect their homes and local area.

Who can come along?

Any tenant or leaseholder in Denton South can join a tenants’ and residents’ group if you are interested in meeting with other people from your area to talk about local issues.  Tenants’ and residents groups meet regularly in a local venue.

How can tenants’ and residents’ groups make a difference?

Tenants’ and residents’ groups can help influence improvements in your local area.  

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Castleton Court - Better Gardens

Castleton Court - Better Homes Better Gardens Group is a resident sub-group that aims to consult and work with Irwell Valley Housing Association in order to improve our garden - making it a safe, relaxing and enjoyable environment for all residents to live in.

Updates: Currently, Castleton Court Better Gardens Group is in talks with Irwell Valley Housing Association. We can report that contractors have already been in the gardens and that we will be having a meeting with representatives of Irwell Valley at 1pm on Monday 17th February 2014, at which group members will be able discuss what’s been happening and consider plans for the future.

Updates: We have met with representatives as a result the agreement is that the area will be Re-grassed and where there is gravel is currently, that area will be paved.

Joining Castleton Court Better Gardens Group couldn't be easier!

Our group focuses on supporting ideas for creating a better garden space. As a member you don’t personally have to start digging or planting flowers. Only the commitment to attend a short meeting in the garden to discus garden designs and planting ideas would be all that is required.

Once the big works have been completed some group members may wish to get actively evolved with the planting! Please remember, however, that the garden area is Irwell Valley property and that it is their overall responsibility to maintain the garden and to make it both user-friendly and safe for all residents at Castleton Court!

The Objectives of the Castleton Court Better Gardens Group are:

1) To establish a better garden and to create an improved environment for all residents.

2) This garden to be both user-friendly and to have easy access for all - especially for very young children, elderly, and disabled residents.

3) We would expect Irwell Valley Housing to keep every resident of Castleton Court updated - at all times - on issues affecting us all.           
4. Never should our garden area ever look as bad as the photographs shown in the link below:

Taken on 10th February 2014

Friday, 14 February 2014

Report, Repair, or Query

Should you wish to report a repair, have a query or any concerns regarding where you live, then you can ring Irwell Valley Housing for FREE from any landline using this telephone number: 
 0800 035 2210 

If you have a mobile phone and want to save your calling credit you can make a phone call from the Haughton Green Centre (next to Tesco). There are no charges to report repairs or voice any concerns regarding housing issues and even Council Tax.

Keep a record
When you make contact with Irwell Valley Housing regarding any query, it might be an idea to make a note of the datetimewhat was discussed, booked appointment dates and times slots, and most importantly the name of the member of staff you have spoken to.